Position-Based Dynamics

Simple PBD mesh

Position-Based Dynamics (Müller, 2007) is a method used to simulate deformable objects, achieving visually plausible results with greater efficiency. This algorithm defines objects mainly as a set of nodes and constraints.

In the following video you can see the summary of the advanced animation project of different objects simulated with PBD. This work was done during my degree studies in Multimedia Engineering.

In addition, I also implemented this method in my job at IRTIC-UV. This belonged to a simulation project of deformable objects that interacted with different training cranes. Its first version was presented in a poster at CEIG 2018, you can see the poster here.

Technical details

• Basic distance and bending restrictions have been implemented and studied.
• Point-point, point-plane and point-sphere collisions have been implemented.
• Programmed in C++ (Job engine) and C# on the Unity3D engine.