ECORRUPTION is a turn-based micromanagement videogame where you control the leader of an ecologist political party that has just been elected. In a small world, you'll have to balance your public image, the enterprise's needs and the fragile health of the world. Choose between saving the planet, pleasing your voters' needs or falling under the enterprises' corruption. If any of the three previous aspects is neglected, the game will end. Moreover, while measures are being taken, new spontaneous events force the user to change their plans and adapt: fires, demonstrations, lobbies…

You can download it and play on this page.

And, if you want to see the code, the project repository is here.

Technical details

• Hexagonal map generated procedurally based on Jasper Flick's tutorial and adapting it.
Modular systems of boxes-actions-database easily expandable or reusable.
• Use of shaders, particle system and postprocessing to create effects on the actions performed on the map.
• Programmed in C# on the Unity3D engine. In addition, 3DS Max and Maya have been used as auxiliary programs in the creation of game art.

Coordination and tasks

This project was carried out in a group by 6 people. We coordinated through the GitLab tool and weekly meetings. following the SCRUM methodology. In addition, each team member was a coordinator in an area of the project, so in case of discrepancies, the manager's criteria were followed. I was the technical art coordinator. Therefore, I was mainly responsible for the design and implementation of the Boxes, Actions and Effects system. I also participated in the tasks of creating the database and planning visual effects.

You can read the Game Design Document (GDD) here.

Project carried out with:

• Jaime Elcarte Fontcuberta
Patricia Fernández-Mariñas Bustamante
• Miguel Medina Patón
José María Pizana
Cristian Soler Sierra